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Book yourself into one of our lovely Sheffield massage spa rooms, enjoy the experience and float out feeling comfortably soothed, supple and relaxed.
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Do you have neck and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk all week? Pulled a muscle whilst gardening? Perhaps you're struggling to get comfortable at night because of physical tension? Maybe you're pregnant and the hormonal changes have your body screaming out for comfort?

Life takes its toll on our bodies so whether you have uncomfortable aches, niggling spasms, burning muscle pain or need a way to relax from the stresses and demands of life, we have a range of massage therapies available with our team of highly trained therapists.


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Fi Hennessy pregnancy massage specialist

Fi Hennessy

Pregnancy Massage Specialist

Fi is the founder of Origin Massage, an experienced antenatal educator and specialises in pregnancy and postnatal massage. Having carried 4 pregnancies to full term, Fi understands delicate pregnant bodies.
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Erzsebet Rennie - Massage Therapist

Erzsebet Rennie

Swedish Massage Therapist

Erzsebet is a Swedish style deep tissue massage therapist with a wide knowledge of other techniques that can help with back and muscle pain, improving general wellbeing and stress release.
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Craig Foden - Myofascial & Sports Massage Therapist

Craig Foden

Multidisciplinary Massage Therapist

Craig is a Myofascial Release & Soft Tissue / Sports massage therapist who works with you to reduce pain from injury and trauma as well as unwind fascial tensions to restore functional movement and mobility.

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Hayley Nightingale - Holistic Massage Therapist

Hayley Nightingale

Holistic Massage Therapist

Hayley tailors massages to ease and relax tight muscles, ensure that you feel safe and held, encouraging stress to melt away and release mood boosting hormones so you can leave feeling like your best self. 

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