Deep tissue massage

When you want a hard massage and to feel like your aches and muscle tightness have been really focused on and worked out, a deep tissue massage is just what you need.

Information about deep tissue massage

What can a deep tissue massage treat?

A deep tissue massage can help tackle issues such as delayed onset muscle soreness, tight muscles & stress.

When can deep tissue massage help?

A deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle and interconnective tissues in the body and can be used as a part of helping to ease pain or stiffness.

We offer 2 styles of deep tissue massage

We are fortunate to have several therapists who offer the more common style of deep tissue massage. We also have a skilled and experienced massage therapist who offers the Chinese style of deep tissue massage known as Tui Na (pronounced “twee-nah”). Click this link for more information on Tui Na.

Origin Massage Reviews

We are very proud of our reviews and hope that the positive comments from our previous clients will encourage you to come and visit us.

Shona G.
Shona G.
I had the most amazing massage from Fi. She really understood what I needed and helped me to feel so relaxed. Professional and responsive, a gorgeous hidden gem! I am booked in already for my next one.
Cat R.
Cat R.
I had the BEST hot stone massage today from Fi. So friendly and great at checking in that everything was just right, which it was. Absolutely 100% recommend I feel all out back together and warm 🥰
Barbara C.
Barbara C.
Had a wonderful Indian head massage with Kate. Left feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I would highly recommend.
Beth J.
Beth J.
I was so relaxed and comfortable in Fi’s company - she clearly knows exactly what she’s doing. Fi went above and beyond to explain different types of massage and asked how much pressure I liked.I never knew how much I needed a massageand I feel so much better and relieved of tension.The space is absolutely beautiful as well, so cosy and gorgeous.
Abigail B.
Abigail B.
amazing, made me feel so comfortable during my full body massage + relaxed, very glad i chose to come here for my first ever massage and will 100% be coming back, can’t fault them <3 thankyou.
Tobias O.
Tobias O.
Fi was friendly, welcoming and professional. I immediately felt at ease and enjoyed a wonderful hot stone massage and left feeling great. Highly recommended.

Benefits of a deep tissue massage

Eases tension

The 5 stroke styles of Swedish massage are ideal for helping muscles to ease off and soften.

Increased flexibility

The gentle massaging of muscles and ligaments allows for a greater range of motion to be possible in most cases.

Improved blood circulation

Massage promotes blood circulation which means many people feel more energetic after a massage.

Reduces stress

A massage can help to reduce levels of the stress hormone noradrenaline as well as cortisol, an indicator of stress.

Improved healing

This may tie in with stress reduction but people who are more relaxed, generally, get less sick less often than those who don't.

Improved sleep

A deep tissue massage can help you destress and physically unwind, the perfect starting point for a great nights sleep.

What issues could deep tissue massage help?

A deep tissue massage can help tackle issues such as delayed onset muscle soreness, tight muscles and stress.

Emotional and physical stress

Both emotional and physical stress causes muscles to tense. Booking in for a deep tissue massage can help you to relax, alleviate the tension built up in muscles and help to improve your mood - it's also a bit of time for yourself where you can shut the stress of daily life out and bask in some much needed me-time.

Pain relief

If you suffer with Fibromyalgia or have trouble with headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain, a deep tissue massage therapy could help to alleviate your symptoms and provide short term relief.

Lower high blood pressure

A study in 2016 concluded that massage therapy caused a decrease in systolic blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate.

Relieves joint stiffness and pain

Deep tissue massage therapy can be used to treat many different symptoms of arthritis, like pain, stiffness, limited range of motion in joints, and sleep issues.

Increases flexibility and circulation

The deep massaging of muscles and ligaments allows for a greater range of motion to be possible in most cases. Deep tissue massages have the ability to improve blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles. This, in turn, may help reduce pain and decrease muscle adhesions.

Improved sleep

A deep tissue massage can help you destress and physically unwind, the perfect starting point for a great nights sleep.

Deep tissue massage therapists

With extensive experience and training, Erzsebet is an excellent massage therapist, practiced in a wide variety of techniques. She offers a range of therapies but her passion is for Swedish massage.
Katie first became interested in massage 20 years ago during a visit to China and after studying and practicing, she now specialises in offering Chinese energy focused deep tissue massages called Tui Na.
With the help and guidance of Olivia, she’ll focus on bringing awareness and attention back to your body. This focus can open the gates to powerful healing and acceptance.

How to book a deep tissue massage session

When you book a session with us, you’ll be seen by one of our professionally trained massage therapists at the Origin Massage studio which is right next door to the Sheffield Wellness Centre. Our location is a small haven of peace and tranquillity to the south of the city centre on Abbeydale Road.

To book your massage session, click the “Book a session” button and choose the type of treatment you would like, select your preferred date and time and confirm using the form.

Your deep tissue massage questions answered

Getting a massage can lead to all sorts of questions popping up before hand. We have tried to answer some of the more common questions here but if you want to get an answer to something specific just get in touch.

Alternative therapies you might like to consider

If you are looking for an alternative to a deep tissue massage then we do have other styles of massage therapies on offer.
A Swedish massage is a full body massage and is a great way to let go of stress and to unwind. With this can then also come the added benefit of helping you sleep better, among many other possible benefits.
The smooth black volcanic stones are heated and smoothed over you skin and worked into muscles in this wonderfully calming and deeply relaxing treatment that can help to reduce muscle tension and pain.

Give the gift of massage

Are you are looking for a present that is sure to be warmly received? Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Would you like to give an experience rather than ‘stuff’? When you want to give someone the opportunity to have some time to relax and unwind but you aren’t quite sure what kind of massage they would like a gift card is the ideal option!

You can either gift someone a specific massage treatment, a package or a monetary voucher they can redeem on any treatment at Origin Massage.