Post-natal massage

Giving birth is an epic experience. The baby settling in at home afterwards is just the beginning. But when does the person who did all the hard work get to rest and recover? Often there is a very small amount of recovery time but a little can go a long way. Our post-natal massage therapy sessions could make a huge difference to how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Information about post-natal massage

Help yourself recover when you are post natal

Alongside our maternity massage services, we also offer post-birth massage treatments. The biggest change your body will experience is the moment your baby is born, and no matter how they are born, your body moves from pregnant to not pregnant. It might not feel it at the time, but this is a relatively short amount of time for such a massive change to your body. Our post-birth massage therapy services are designed to help you to recover quicker and give you some much needed recuperation.

You will feel comfortable, supported and cared for

We know that the first massage session after a baby is a big moment. It is likely the first bit of quality you-time that you will have had since the birth. We also know that as much as you need the break it is also a big thing to leave the baby in someone else’s capable hands while you recuperate.

It is common for there to be a few tears at these sessions as the emotions come and go during this important time. We are skilled and experienced in dealing with this as well. You are in safe hands.

Post-natal Massage Reviews

We are very proud of our reviews and hope that the positive comments from our previous clients will encourage you to come and visit us.

Shona G.
Shona G.
I had the most amazing massage from Fi. She really understood what I needed and helped me to feel so relaxed. Professional and responsive, a gorgeous hidden gem! I am booked in already for my next one.
Cat R.
Cat R.
I had the BEST hot stone massage today from Fi. So friendly and great at checking in that everything was just right, which it was. Absolutely 100% recommend I feel all out back together and warm 🥰
Barbara C.
Barbara C.
Had a wonderful Indian head massage with Kate. Left feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I would highly recommend.
Beth J.
Beth J.
I was so relaxed and comfortable in Fi’s company - she clearly knows exactly what she’s doing. Fi went above and beyond to explain different types of massage and asked how much pressure I liked.I never knew how much I needed a massageand I feel so much better and relieved of tension.The space is absolutely beautiful as well, so cosy and gorgeous.
Abigail B.
Abigail B.
amazing, made me feel so comfortable during my full body massage + relaxed, very glad i chose to come here for my first ever massage and will 100% be coming back, can’t fault them <3 thankyou.
Tobias O.
Tobias O.
Fi was friendly, welcoming and professional. I immediately felt at ease and enjoyed a wonderful hot stone massage and left feeling great. Highly recommended.

Benefits of a post-natal massage

The biggest change your body will experience is the moment your baby is born, and no matter how they are born, your body moves from pregnant to not pregnant. It might not feel it at the time, but this is a relatively short amount of time for such a massive change to your body.

Birth recovery

A postnatal massage can help to tackle aches and pains related to giving birth and the body adjusting to not carrying a baby any longer.


A reduction in swelling and reduced risk of mastitis as well as better natural regulation of hormones.


A postnatal massage can provide some much needed time to yourself, to gather your strength for the almost constant attention the baby needs.

Stress and depression

A postnatal massage can help with reducing stress, anxiety or depression and help you get better quality sleep.

You're in safe, gentle hands

Fi is the founder of Origin Massage. She specialises in pregnancy massage and post natal massage and really enjoys supporting pregnant people during this special stage of life.

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Pregnancy Massage Specialist

I’m Fi, the founder of Origin Massage and resident specialist in pregnancy and postnatal massage. As an experienced antenatal educator, surrogate and mother of 2, I am passionate about helping people feel comfortable with their pregnancy, prepared and ready for birth and supporting new parents afterwards through massage.

I specialise in pregnancy massage because I am familiar and comfortable with pregnant bodies. I’ve learned so much through the years, through my own body and through working with many hundreds of families in Sheffield. I will provide a safe and nurturing place for you to relax, unwind and feel at ease.

My massage therapy services are completely focused on pregnant people and those who have just had a baby. Because I specialise in this area you can be sure of having an relaxing experience that helps you unwind and rest. My post-birth massage therapy services are designed to help you to recover quicker and give you some much needed recuperation.

You are the centre of attention

My whole purpose when I am at work is to ensure that you are comfortable, well looked after and thoroughly enjoy your experience. So much of the pregnancy process is (rightly) focused on the baby you are growing but your health and happiness is also important. I dedicate our time to ensuring that you get that all important time for you to be you. To relax. To unwind. To properly let go of everything.

Alongside my maternity massage services, I also offer post-birth massage treatments. The biggest change your body will experience is the moment your baby is born, and no matter how they are born, your body moves from pregnant to not pregnant. It might not feel it at the time, but this is a relatively short amount of time for such a massive change to your body.

How to book a post-natal massage session

When you book a session with us, you’ll be seen by one of our professionally trained massage therapists at the Origin Massage studio which is right next door to the Sheffield Wellness Centre. Our location is a small haven of peace and tranquillity to the south of the city centre on Abbeydale Road.

To book your massage session, click the “Book a session” button and choose the type of treatment you would like, select your preferred date and time and confirm using the form.

Post-natal massage therapists

Fi is the founder of Origin Massage. She specialises in pregnancy massage and post natal massage and really enjoys supporting pregnant people during this special stage of life.
With extensive experience and training, Erzsebet is an excellent massage therapist, practiced in a wide variety of techniques. She offers a range of therapies but her passion is for Swedish massage.
With the help and guidance of Olivia, she’ll focus on bringing awareness and attention back to your body. This focus can open the gates to powerful healing and acceptance.

Your post-natal massage questions answered

The post natal period is a delicate time and one where there is a lot of uncertainty and there is a need for adjusting to the new way of things. We’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions to give you a guide as to what to expect and to answer some of the most common questions people have. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with Fi Hennessy on 0114 3830405.

A post-natal massage costs just £45 for one hour or £65 for 90 minutes.

It all depends on how you feel, what happened during labour and what you want from the massage. There is no set time that is ‘safer’, you can come for a massage as soon as you feel you are ready. The closer you are to the time of giving birth, the more gentle a massage would have to be.

The pregnant body has an abundance of a hormone called relaxin, which softens the ligaments, readying the pelvis for birth. This hormone sticks around in the post natal period for about 6 months and needs to be considered if you are exercising for example, or getting a massage.

As the relaxin disappears, massage can get deeper and more and more techniques can be used, such as stretching and passive joint mobilisation.

The two massages are very similar but it is likely that the massage would be softer in certain more tender or delicate areas and would likely not be as deep or as hard as a Swedish massage could be.

The massage experience is very adaptable to your individual circumstances though.

Nothing changes the body so rapidly, as birth does. The slow changes which happen over 9 months or so during pregnancy cause adaptations that you might not even notice, you walk with a waddling gait, leaning back, holding your bump, not lying on your tummy and so on.

Then in a matter of hours, baby is born from your body and you are no longer pregnant – in a relative blink of an eye! This leaves stretched muscles and skin, soft and tender. Ligaments which have worked overtime to keep joints in place are not quite in the right place, everything is super soft, super open and super vulnerable.

In the minutes, hours and days after birth, everything begins to change, slowly returning to their original positions – but you are already working hard in new ways, learning to feed and hold your baby, getting up and down during the day and night and feeling the strain of new parenthood. Post natal massage will help restore you, body and mind, taking some much needed self care time in order to rejuvenate sore muscles, ease aching shoulders and reconnect to your body.

This is such a personal and individual question, it really is up to you. Massage for the abdominal area can be very beneficial, but it can also be highly emotional and sensitive. If you have had a c-section, then the tummy area can not be massaged until the scar is well healed which would be a minimum of 6 weeks, and even then after that it would be advised to seek a therapist who has specialist training in scar massage.

You can certainly massage your tummy and c-section scar yourself, which can be beneficial to healing both physically and emotionally. If the idea of having your belly massaged during your post natal massage is just not appealing then you can simply pop that on your massage consultation question when booking in, and say it’s an area you do not wish to be touched.

If you’ve booked an appointment and are wondering what happens during the post natal massage, let me take you through it. Prior to the massage appointment you should be told where to go and if you need to bring anything.

I usually advise that you don’t need to bring anything unless you have a favourite cushion or support that would make you feel comfortable. When you arrive your therapist will take time to make you comfortable, give you water, and explain the process to you.

A medical history should be taken to help the therapist understand your particular situation, any medical concerns you may have which may affect how the massage is carried out.

The therapist will then advise you on what happens next, how much to undress, how to get on the massage surface and what bolsters will be used. The therapist will be out of the room during this time to give you privacy. You can signal if you are ready or the therapist will knock and ask.

Before the massage begins the therapist will place a towel or covering over you but leaving one area of your body at a time exposed so the therapist can access the parts of your body to be massaged.

Depending on what you have agreed you may need to turn over part way through. Once the massage is finished the therapist will let you know and will leave the room again to allow you time and privacy to get up and dressed. They should then offer post massage after care advice such as keeping hydrated and resting if needed.

Yes! Having a massage after giving birth can help reduce swelling and stimulate blood flow around the body, accelerating the recovery process. Massage can also be great at helping to reduce scarring as well as ease stress and anxiety.

If you’re breastfeeding or having a massage close to having given birth, regardless of your feeding choices, it might be that you leak some milk on the massage linens. This is very normal and probably to be expected, as the relaxing massage stimulates oxytocin which is what powers breastfeeding to happen.

If you would prefer to have an extra towel to lie on for comfort and security, that is absolutely fine. Breast milk is antimicrobial and antibacterial, so there really is no problem if any leaks out. Each set of linens used for clients is stripped, washed at our local launderette and the room is cleaned and sanitised between sessions.

You might find it uncomfortable to lie on your breasts, even if you have just fed your baby prior to your massage. Please just let your therapist know and suitable bolsters or different positions can be used to maintain your comfort throughout.

Any massage which occurs during the postnatal period, can be a postnatal massage. It is a massage which is relaxing, calming, grounding and connecting. Our pregnancy and post natal specialist, Fi, will take extra care to ensure your massage is perfect for the stage you are at.

Very early on, after birth, everything can feel very different in your body. Muscles are stretched, tummy’s are softer, your centre of gravity has changed and back muscles are often working overtime to compensate for core muscles which are not working efficiently.

Plus you are now holding and feeding your new baby which requires a whole new set of skills which you are learning as you go. Post natal massage works to help reconnect you to your body, ease those sore shoulders and stiff backs and give you some much needed nurturing.

Origin Massage do not have the space available within their massage rooms for your baby to be present during your massage. You would however be very welcome to have someone bring your baby along and be in our waiting room or Vintage Tea Room café downstairs in the courtyard.

This is also a very highly individual and personal situation – and we will certainly be as flexible as we can to make you as comfortable as possible. If you would prefer to have your phone on and close by, that’s fine, and for some people this allows them to relax and know that their baby’s carer can contact them right away if needed.

Others prefer to leave their phone on silent to enjoy their massage. The only right option is the one that makes you feel the most secure.

Alternative therapies you might like to consider

If you want to help your body recover then we do have other styles of massage therapy available.

A Swedish massage is a full body massage and is a great way to let go of stress and to unwind. With this can then also come the added benefit of helping you sleep better, among many other possible benefits.
The smooth black volcanic stones are heated and smoothed over you skin and worked into muscles in this wonderfully calming and deeply relaxing treatment that can help to reduce muscle tension and pain.

Give the gift of massage

Are you are looking for a present that is sure to be warmly received? Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Would you like to give an experience rather than ‘stuff’? When you want to give someone the opportunity to have some time to relax and unwind but you aren’t quite sure what kind of massage they would like a gift card is the ideal option!

You can either gift someone a specific massage treatment, a package or a monetary voucher they can redeem on any treatment at Origin Massage.